From 11 august untill 20 august 2017, we drove to the German alps tour on the "Alpenstrasse" in the south of Germany. However the high Alps on the Austrian side of the border were too tempting to not cross the border. So a few days on the road we entered Austria and we had a great time there discovering this region by truck, by bike and by foot, in such a short time.

It was summerholiday season and we experience that little too much. The alps were very crowdy and a lot of traffic on the roads. 

Due to this, it was fairly impossible to find a wildcamping spot anywhere for the truck, so we were forced to go from campersite to camping by each day. We had to be there daily by the end of the afternoon to be sure to have a parkingspot to stay overnight. We like the freedom of travelling and remote places; just the two of us and nature.

No more travelling in high season for us thru this part of Europe. At least not by truck without any planning upfront.