Updates and Details

We designed the truck and living unit from scratch. New ideas and demands arise while using it. Here a listing of updates, changes and detail on our vehicle.

Extra Diesel fueltank

We've added an extra Diesel fueltank at the passengerside of the truck. We have now 500ltr. available. Enough for roughly 2000-2500km of travelling without refuelling.


After departing experiences on Austrian campings, we decide to add a small silent 220V aircompressor to fill up the airtanks of the truck to 8 bars electrically. This way we can start the engine, unlock the airbrakes and drive off immediately without waking up the neighours.


I added a "home-made" dashmount into the truck interior comprising an Fusion Marine Radio and a 27mc CB radio. Because we both want to play with the radio, I added a 3d printed add-on console upfront the gearshifter for a Fusion wired remotecontrol to the radio.


I added about 8 TomTom actioncamera mounts all around (and underneath) the truck to make nice pictures and videoshots while driving. TomTom does not sell them separately so I designed them in 3d CAD by myself and 3d printed them from rigid nylon plastic.