Wikipedia: Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically it is accomplished with off-road capable transport where the principal form of lodging is camping, lasting for extended lengths of time (months to years) and spanning international boundaries.

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan!     (last update 12-2017)

Travelling the world on- and offroad is a dream that lingered a long time in the back of my mind. It was easy to convince my partner Elles to join me into this adventure as she likes travelling to remote and desolate destinations too.
I imagined to prepare a 4x4 overlander expedition-truck wich facilitates being off-grid for up to 10 days or more.
So in september of 2014 we took off this adventure and follow that dream with buying a former Austrian army truck with little km's. We realized it would be a multi-year plan if we wanted to convert an old armytruck to a reliable companion to travel worldwide over long distances and rough terrains. 
The truck was stripped down completely to the last bolt and rebuild again by specialists at Excap in Germany. A new turbo, intercooler and fuelinjection pump were added to increase the original power from 180hp to about 260hp. Large 14.00R20 tires were mounted, all hydraulic and pneumatic linings were replaced and a roofrack was added. The interior was overhauled with new seats and a rooftop airco was installed. End of 2015, the truck was finished. From the looks and technical perspective it was not any near to the original Steyr 12M18 we started off with.                      
Then around Christmas 2015 we brought the truck to the workshop at Orangework in Germany to create a living-unit according to my own design, plans and ideas. I already worked out a smart interiorplan for 2 people to live in and for 4 people to sleep, wich we optimized with the knowledge of the Orangework team.  
We have 325 ltr of fresh drinkingwater, 600 ltr of Dieselfuel and about 30kgs of propane gas on board to support any journey. We have 360Ah Mastervolt Li-ion batteries installed together with 3 rooftop solarpanels. We can both charge on 220V as well as (USA) 110V powerline. At the back there is be a lifting platform installed to take some ATB bikes or a motorcycle with us. It also allows for lifting or unloading a spare tire.
The rig was finished in june 2017 according to plan and was shown off at the Abenteuer Allrad Outdoor 4x4 world-expo in Bad Kissingen (Germany), at the stand of Orangework.                           
Because Elles and I still have some teenage kids at home, we will start doing some shorter trips together the first years. This way we also get to know the vehicle better in-depth.
On this website we will keep up a travelogue of the destinations we travel, for our own archive, family, friends and anyone interested in overland travelling.
By GPS tagging you will be able to see where we are. First trips that are planned for now are:
  • July 2017: A roundtrip around the coastal roads of Scotland with my eldest daughter Lotte.
  • August 2017: A hiking trip thru the swiss and austrian Alpes with my partner Elles when the weather is fine. Otherwise it could turnout to be heading north to scandinavia or ...
  • Januar 2018: Our first big roadtrip, crossing the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert in Africa. We opted to do this in convoi and learning while driving organized by
You can browse thru our website for more impressions about the overhaul and rebuilding of the 4x4 expeditiontruck. For recent postings 'on-the-fly' and progress on travels, click this Facebook link and share a Like. We won't spam you too much!